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About Brightfish – 35 years experience as a Campbell River sportfishing guide


Rick - 30 years experience as campbell River fishing guidHi, I’m Rick Hackinen. I’ve been a Campbell River fishing Guide for 35 years in the Campbell River, British Columbia and area waters and I have developed experience in both fishing and client relations. I’ve guided for numerous fishing lodges, hotels and B+Bs and also operated independently for my clients. My guests have ranged though all sorts and income levels from Fortune 500 people to regular folks who make a once in a lifetime trip. Ages ago, I was a senior guide at the Peterson’s April Point Resort during the 1980s, which was a golden age of guide development. Yes, I have taken out VIPs, captains of industry, television, sports figures, and even an astronaut, as have many of my peers and fellow guides.  I would love to be your Campbell River Salmon fishing Charter of choice.  Everybody gets the same courteous treatment, everyone is a VIP. Brightfish is also a connection to a community of fellow career guides and service providers. With support of our contacts, we can say “no job too big or too small “. We can provide excellent and memorable experiences for you, your friends, your family, or your business relationship building.

I’m a representative for several fishing and guiding positions. I’m Chair of the Campbell River and District Fishing Guides Association. I’m a member of the Sport Fishing Advisory Council (SFAC) for the Campbell River area, which dialogues about fishing regulations with Fisheries and Oceans Canada, representing Quadra Island and the Discovery Islands.  I’ve also been the rep for the Campbell River Guides Association to the Local Marine Advisory Council , which interacts with Canadian Coast Guard.

I have all the certifications including Small Commercial Boat Operators Certificate, Marine First Aid, Marine Emergency Duties, Marine Radio Operator and I am properly insured. These qualifications plus decades of experience also apply to any of the guides I work with or recommend.


Premium Sportfihing in Campbell River British Columbia with Brightfish ChartersThis is my life. I am a dedicated fishing guide and I get fulfillment from sharing these experiences with people. I provide a quality boat and equipment . In the off season I work as a carpenter, which makes the year go round. There is a connection I hope you can get an inkling of, beyond reason, an intuition that comes from interacting with the natural world, which I hope to express and share. It would be an honor to be your Campbell River B.C. fishing guide. You can feel a distinction between our modern learning and our deep instinctive appreciation of watching for the signs, searching, waiting in alertness; fishing. I still get a kick when the rod bounces and you go for it.

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