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There are many ways to go salmon fishing, so let’s make this great for you. Consider this partial list of things to discuss for your trip.
Do you prefer lots of action or fewer larger fish ? A chance at one big special one ? The extremes of the spectrum range from fishing for pink salmon which are mostly 3 to 5 lbs and numerous at the right time, to fishing in a rowboat for a Tyee ( chinook salmon over 30 lbs ) .Would you like to really take in the country, make time to see scenery or wildlife, or get straight to the fish?Do you appreciate comfort or do you relish a rugged experience ? (This area is protected, unlike some ,for example, that are in locations also known for surfing ) Do you prefer the middle of summer ? Or would you be interested in great fishing opportunities in the shoulder seasons. ?
This area lends itself well to business entertaining . Guests can be of various interests and have no “sea legs ” yet will have an enjoyable time. People who have never been fishing before , and wouldn’t have thought of it, have a great time.See Personalized Trips page
Wouldn’t your Dad love this ! Bring your Dad. Bring your Mom and Dad. Bring your kids.
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Campbell River Sport Fishing for Salmon

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