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Fishing Calendar – We fish here all year round!


Spring is a wonderful time for a fishing trip, and often overlooked. In spring in Georgia Strait near Campbell River we are fishing for aggressively feeding Chinook salmon in their growing ages, mostly 6 to 20 pounds.
In April and May, an additional attractive option is the fishing in the Inlets and Mainland side with some larger fish in the mix to make a day trip, or longer trip, very worthwhile. See ” Where We Fish ” and see ” Exploration Trips “. Meanwhile the Chinook fishing carries on close to Campbell River.

Early Summer

In June, there can be quite an overlap of fishing patterns. Often the Chinook fishing in the inlets is still great into mid-June. At about this time, new mature Chinooks start migrating in from the north, and so fishing in the Straits north of Campbell River comes into play. Meanwhile, fishing in Georgia Strait, including close to Campbell River is a mix of ” feeders ” and mature Chinooks.


In mid-July we start to see additional salmon species, pinks, sockeyes, and coho salmon, increasing in August. These species vary from year to year. Odd numbered years are the strong years for pink salmon, which are the smallest but most numerous of the salmon species.Throughout the summer Chinooks are coming in. We head them off at the pass, north of Campbell River and also south around Georgia Strait.

Also consider that Aug 1 to Sept 15 is the time for rowing for Tyees (Chinooks over 30 pounds) in the grand Tyee Club tradition, when these special fish come home to linger a little while before going in to the Campbell River. See “Tyee Fishing “.


Chums and Cohos. In late August and through September mature cohos, often called ” Northerns ” from 5 pounds up into the teens, are coming in from the open ocean. Most of these are wild cohos and these will need to be released for conservation reasons. Some will be hatchery fish that can be kept. Cohos are terrific sporting fish and give extra action between the target fish.Chum salmon are starting to come in late September. Chums are great fighters, numerous, good sized, usually from 8 to 18 pounds, and underappreciated. Chums are great smoked fish. Most tourists have finished their annual vacation migration when the chum salmon are just starting to migrate. Late September and through October is chum time.


By November the mature Chinooks for the year have gone to their respective rivers. But in Georgia Strait the next years Chinooks are feeding and growing like teenagers. November through March, is productive for these aggressively feeding Chinook salmon. Most are going to be just around the keepable minimum size ( 62 cm, about 25 inches ), but some will be 6 to 18 pounds, generally. We often fish close to the south side of Campbell River, weather permitting.

Salmon Species

There are five species of salmon and they all migrate by us here. Each has its own life history and migration timing, as mentioned above. All salmon return to rivers and die after spawning.

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