Rates & Trips

Day Trips

Competitive rates. 5 hour minimum. Prices are for the boat for up to 4 anglers. 5 passengers maximum may be possible after discussion.
Bring your favourite lunch, or we can arrange one. We always have packaged snacks and bottled water on board. With food and beverages it is easy to stay out for the day. There is a clean marine toilet, with privacy in the cuddy cabin.
Half day , 5hrs – $ 850
Day trip , 8hrs, – $ 1300

Salmon Science Research Fishing Trips

Ask about special research fishing trips April 1 to July 14. We’ll be sampling , tagging, and releasing fish.

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Brightfish Charters -  Rates & Trips

Tyee Rowing

Fishing in a rowboat by the traditional Tyee Club rules.

(see Tyee fishing ) A typical tide, or trip, is 2 1/2 hours. Catching an elusive 30 pound Tyee will get you membership in the most exclusive Club. Experience this unique and historic fishing in the world famous Tyee Pool at Campbell River, British Columbia, Canada. August 5 to Sept 15. The rowboat holds 1 or 2 anglers.
2 1/2 hour trip ;  $ 250.
Rowing Day;  $ 800

Row and Motorboat Combo

Aug 5 to Sept 15. Row a tide in the morning and head out in the motorboat for the later day. Or have an evening row after motorboat fishing.
5 hours of motorboat fishing and a rowboat tide of 2 1/2 hours ; $ 1100

Breakaway Day Trip with Lunch Stop

Fish away, and have lunch further out at a lodge or marina. Stretch your legs, check out the lay of the land, and have a nice lunch. Not too long though, the water calls. The choice of location for the lunch break will depend on the season and the fish patterns.
8hrs fishing and approx. an hour lunch time ; $ 1350

Exploration Cruise to Overnight Lodging

A real get-away. Have the best combination of a cruise and fishing and lovely remote accommodations. Begin at Campbell River or Quadra Island and spend an overnight or two at a remote lodge. Get the full experience in the sheltered back country channels where the ocean meets the mountains. We can circle around islands, so you return on a different route than you went out on. You can fly easily into Campbell River, or arrive by car, and we’ll take you from there. You often get a choice of lodging according to your style and budget. Location choices for away trips will be influenced by the salmon’s life calendar.
$1500 per day, plus your lodging and meals

All rates are in Canadian funds and do not include 5% tax.
50% deposit required to hold your dates. Full refund for cancellation 50 days in advance.
Cancellations within 50 days will be pro-rated in proportion to time remaining.