Tyee Fishing – this is truly sport fishing

Tyee Fishing, come fish in a rowboat with light tackle for big salmon in the traditional way.

This is truly sport fishing. You’ll be participating within the rules of the famous Tyee Club of British Columbia that began in 1924.

This is the fishing that first put British Columbia and Campbell River on the world fishing map.

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Tyee Fishing with Brightfish Charters

The equipment is pure and simple. The rules are clear. Fish from a rowboat. You handle the rod, you put out the line, and you must hook the fish and bring it to the net yourself. Your guide is coaching you, while rowing behind your back. You are holding a rod less than 9 ft. in length. The line is 20-pound breaking strength. The weight less than 6 oz., but probably just 3 or 4 oz. The lure is an artificial trolling lure, no bait allowed, with one single hook. And the hook is barbless.

If you are in the right place, at the right time, and lucky, the rod tip moves. You strike hard, keep the rod up, let it run. The salmon streaks away, pulling hard against the reel drag, while you hear “Fish On” called out past your ear. Keep the pressure just right. Nearby boats part and make room for you to fight your fish away into the current.

If you can meet that challenge and catch a chinook salmon over 30 pounds, you can join the Tyee Club of British Columbia. Talk about an exclusive club! There is no size limit in this Special Management Zone.

It is a wonderful, quiet experience to go for a row. Catching any mature-sized chinook this way is a thrill, and you are always in the game for a special Tyee. Pay keen attention to your rod tip.
Relax, if you can.

The Tyee Pool - Campbell River, BC
Tyee Club